Finch (2021) - Lead Environment Artist
Finch (2021) - Lead Environment Artist

This was my first credited solo experience as a Lead Environment Artist, where I got to put everything I theorized and practiced to practical use. I learnt a lot about delegation and trust, and letting go of getting to do all the cool shots in place of helping make sure my team had all the support they needed to do their best.

The work involved plate enhancements, plate replacements, de-vegetating, re-vegetating, 3D modelling, texturing, matte painting, and constantly switching between software's depending on license availability and farm priorities ;)

With that, I need to thank my core artists who were with me from start to finish, and who performed far above and beyond the levels they set for themselves; Ashton Scally (, and Courtney Whitaker ( Amy Tho Nguyen ( joined us later, and did an exceptional job of helping us get through all the new work that was presented to our team.
I also need to thank Lead Compositor, Lindsay Hoppe ( and her compositing team for taking our work and making it look even better for the big screen, and Pascale St-Pierre ( and her environment team, for taking over all the additional work that was deferred to us towards the end of the project.

To Anthony Smith (, and Alyssa Blackwell (, thank you so much for all your support, understanding, scheduling, care, humor, and making sure our whole team and I were working to make amazing stuff.

Sorry it's taken me 3.5 years to say thank you <3